Frequently asked questions

Is Post Design Collective a store?

Not exactly; we are simply young collectors and lovers of mid-century furniture and design. We decided to share our pieces, and the ones we source at an affordable, entry-level price, after trying to furnish our own home on a budget. You can learn more about us here, and about our location here.

Are the smaller staging accessories also for sale?

We have been able to collect an awesome array of pieces since starting Post Design, as you have likely seen! Recently, we have collaborated with a few local artisans to use their pieces in our photographs. You can learn more about them here.

Can I take a look at your pieces?

Yes of course. We do private viewings by appointment from on weekdays and weekends, with times varying based on our availability. If you are interested in seeing a piece or would just like to look at our inventory, please contact us or use our booking tool (coming soon!) to schedule a viewing.

How can I keep track of all of Post Design's inventory?

Other than this site? One of the best ways to keep up with our inventory is our Instagram. This was the first media tool for us when starting Post Design Collective, and has proved to be a great way of showing off our new pieces. We also share other content such as spaces and projects furnished with a Mid-Century motif. Give us a follow and enjoy the journey! @postdesigncollective

Is it possible to put a piece on hold?

We ask for a 10% deposit and are able to hold for up to 48 hours, allowing time to swing by and view the piece, or measure out a space in it's new home before fully committing. If by this time you let us know that you have changed your mind, decided not to purchase the piece, or are unable to view, 100% of the deposit is returned to you. After this time, we reserve the right to hold the deposit.

Are your pieces new?

All our pieces are authentic, vintage and true to Mid-Century design and characteristics, with the large majority of pieces being produced between 1945-1979. We do not sell any new replica pieces, mass produced box store pieces or handmade items, unless otherwise noted. This also means that our pieces have been around for around 50 or more years, and are not always in perfect condition.

Does Post Design provide delivery?

Yes of course! One of the first things that we learned in starting Post Design Collective was that the people of Toronto do not always have the time, assistance or resources to transport large, heavy pieces of furniture. Delivery starts at a nominal $50 for local, downtown deliveries, and is available most weeknights after 6pm depending on location and availability. We have recently started offering shipping Canada wide in order to better serve all Canadians for their Mid-Century fix. Depending on the piece, size, weight and your location, we work with both private shippers and large delivery services, including FED-Ex and Canada Post. For shipping information to locations outside the GTA, please contact us with your preffered piece(s) and your postal code for an estimate. Details: Deliveries are limited to the first floor of your home, or directly into your condo (moving elevator must be booked by the customer, if applicable) We are not able to bring large pieces up or down flights of stairs for safety / insurance reasons. All large pieces are wrapped for protection during delivery / shipping, and will arrive in condition matching original discription of listing. 10% is required to put the piece on hold throughout the delivery / shipping process. Piece must be paid In full 24 hours before scheduled Delivery / Shipping time, unless otherwise arranged on a case by case basis. Delivery / Shipping Fees are to be paid as a deposit ahead of time, and are non-refundable, unless otherwise arranged on a case by case basis. In certain instances, a tracking number is able to be provided for the shipment.

Do you offer any re-finishing or re-upholstering services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any of these services for several reasons, with the main one being space. Downtown Toronto has it's perks, but square footage is not one of them! We even have to think long and hard if we choose to purchase a piece that needs significant repairs/servicing.

How long can I store a purchase at your location for?

We're happy to hold on to the piece that you have decided to purchase for up to 1 week, providing the amount has been paid in full. If the item is to be delivered, we will work with you to arrange the earliest possible delivery time to get your piece home! If you require longer term storage we ask an additional $50 per week to store.

What payment methods does Post Design accept?

As of right now, we accept e-transfer, Paypal or cash for the deposit, and cash for full payment.

Where are you located?

We just recently moved into our new live/work studio, locatied just off the Dundas Streercar line in Leslieville at 184 Munro St.

Are your pieces re-finished?

Yes and No - there are times when we get a piece with the original finish in pristine condition, in which we decide to keep it 100% authentic to how it was originally made. At the same time, other pieces that we have worked on have been completely stripped, sanded, repaired, oiled, stained, waxed and even re-upholstered. At the very least, all of our pieces are that have been worked on have been re-oiled, with full disclosure to any markings or imperfections as noted by the condition rating in our listings. As a rule of thumb, we would never sell anything that we wouldn’t not be proud to have displayed in our own home!

I have some vintage furniture. Would you be interested in my pieces?

We are always open to purchasing interesting vintage pieces that fall into the Mid-Century category. We are not interested in mass produced items, or in any piece made past the late 1970's. If your piece fits our description and is in great condition, send us an email with a short description of the piece, your location, your expected price, photos showing, labels, overall condition, and whether you would like us to pick-up, or you drop off. All of these factors will go into assessing the value of the item for us. In certain cases, we may have to see the piece in person to give a proper quote.

I have a busy schedule, and likely will not be able to make an appointment to view. Can I purchase online?

We are not able to accept online payments at this time, however if you s end us an email / message about the piece you are interested in, we will provide you with payment information.

Do you accept returns / have a return policy?

As of right now, we do not offer any returns on our pieces. We have many inquiries about all of our pieces thanks to their quality, our prices and our location, and offer them as a first come, first served basis. We do offer the option to place deposits on our pieces to hold for up to 48 hours, so that you are able to view before purchasing. If by this time you change your mind, decide not to purchase the piece, or are unable to view, 100% of the deposit is returned to you.

What does the "Class" rating mean in your listings?

This is simply a way to catagorize the condition of the piece in question. Classes range from A+ (completely stripped, refinished) to B- (Signs of minor use/repair, character) and everything in between. All pieces are 100% structurally sound, and have no major damage to the wood, veneer, or the structure itself.
As a rule of thumb, we do not carry anything that we would not be proud of to have in our own home!

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