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Post Design understands the need for an alternative approach to the way that we handle appointments, purchases, deliveries, and pick-ups moving forward. The following information related to how we as a small business will be approaching the COVID-19 virus. ​


We will continuously monitor the situation at hand, and will update this page as necessary. Please see all Covid-19 Related information here.


The aforementioned changes will be in effect, superseding over all other policies, until it is deemed safe to continue business as usual.



All our pieces are authentic, vintage and true to Mid-Century design and characteristics, with the large majority of pieces being produced between 1945-1979. We do not sell any new replica pieces, mass produced box store pieces or handmade items, unless otherwise noted.


This also means that our pieces have been around for around 50 or more years, and are not always in perfect condition. Please be sure to check photos and the listed class rating for more information on condition. We also recommend dropping by our studio, available by appointment, to have an actual look and feel of the vintage items you are interested in.

All our items are priced in Canadian dollars (CAD). Prices of in-store and online items (vintage and new) are subject to change without any prior notice. 



Deliveries are limited to the first floor of your home, or directly into your condo (moving elevator must be booked by the customer, if applicable) We are not able to bring large pieces up or down flights of stairs for safety reasons.


All large pieces are wrapped for protection during delivery / shipping, and will arrive in condition matching original description of listing.


10% is required to put the piece on reserve throughout the delivery / shipping process. Piece must be paid In full 24 hours before scheduled Delivery / Shipping time, unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon.


Delivery / Shipping Fees are to be paid as a deposit ahead of time, and are non-refundable, unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon. In certain instances, a tracking number is able to be provided for the shipment.




As of right now, we do not offer any returns on our pieces. We have many inquiries about all of our pieces thanks to their quality, our prices and our location, and offer them as a first come, first served basis.


A refundable* 10% reserve is able to be placed for up to 5 working days, so that you are able to view and measure before purchasing. If by this time you change your mind, decide not to purchase the piece, or are unable to view, 100% of the deposit is returned to you.


*After this point, we reserve the right to keep the deposit as credit and re-list the item.


All records of our customers are securely stored and are strictly private and confidential. All our customers' emails and payment details are stored safely in our database and are not shared or passed on to any third party organisations. We do not store any credit card details. 

We reserve the right to use provided emails in order to contact, market and advertise Post Design Collective in the form or newsletters and updates.


Post Design Collective original photos and content are copyright protected. Please get in touch if you wish to use our images.

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