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post creative

Available per hour or per day, Post Creative Studio is a Spacious 2-Storey Parkdale live/work loft, thoughtfully curated to include a selection of authentic vintage furniture, lighting, and immersive temporary art installations by our in-house artist.

As a full time dedicated studio space, our loft includes an assortment of unique zones, including an elegantly designed living / lounge space, an indoor rock garden, a fully functional kitchen / dining area, a blank, 9ft Paper backdrop ready wall (included), an open concept private washroom, and finally, site specific temporary art installations on the second floor, changing throughout the year.


Current Installation: Flor.


The Space is most suitable for:
⇢ Private Photography
⇢ Commercial (Brand) Photography
⇢ Lifestyle (Content Creation)
⇢ Small (Film) Productions
⇢ Small Networking Events / Dinners

The Space is Not suitable for:
⇢ Parties of any sort
⇢ Large Productions
⇢ Large events


feature add-on

Add-On #7
Flor Chair (Floral Chair)
$75 + Tax


A custom made one-off chair, covered in a summery palette of individual flowers and plant life. 

Designed to pair perfectly with the Flor installation on the 2nd Floor.




Add-On #1
Picnic Table Setup, Table + Decorations (2-6 Persons)

$50 + Tax


Add-On #2

Picnic Table Setup, Table + Decorations (7-15 Persons)

$75 + Tax


Enjoy a morning brunch, mid-day snack, an afternoon gettogether, or an evening date in our installation room or main floor, along a specially decorated table with place settings, surrounded by champagne flutes, pillows, flora, blankets and music.

Please note:

- This setup will be placed in the installation room unless otherwise requested.
- Colors, Materials and set up may vary based on the current installation of the studio.
- Snacks / Refreshments are not included, however you are welcome to bring your own.


For set-ups and packages including snacks and refreshments, please see our other add-ons.


Add-On #3
Picnic Snacks + Refreshments
$35 + Tax


Enjoy a morning brunch, mid-day snack, an afternoon gettogether, or an evening date, featuring freshly baked local bread, seasonal fruits, and two types of juices.

This Add-On includes the snacks and refreshments for 2-6 persons, and pairs perfectly with our picnic table setup add-ons.

Please note:
- This package includes a set amount of snacks/refreshments only, and will be placed in the fridge unless otherwise requested.
- Bread, Fruits and Refreshments may vary based on current local availability and season.
- Our Special Picnic Table set-ups are not included, however plates, cutlery and kitchen use is included with your studio booking.

- this package is intended as a light snack, and not a full meal. Additional food brought by you is encouraged!

For our picnic table set-ups for smaller and larger groups, please see our other add-ons.

Add-On #4
Anniversary/Proposal/Birthday Bottled Beverage

$50 + Tax

Surprise your significant other, bridesmaids, groomsmen and more with a hand selected bottle of Red, White or bubbly, ready in the studio for your convenience. 


Add-On #5

Duvet, Pillows and Mattress (No Frame)
$75 + Tax


Add-On #6
Duvet, Pillows, Mattress and Minimalist Japanese-Style Birch Ply Bedframe
$100 + Tax


A complete selection of;

White Sheet Set
White Pillows + Covers
White Duvet + Cover
Cream Soft Plush Blanket
Queen Size 6" Mattress
+ Birch Ply Japanese Style Low Profile Bedframe (Optional)


Please note that the linens will be folded, and you and your team will have to setup the items where you choose in the studio.

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