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furniture rentals

rent from our catalogue

The iconic pieces we have been able to curate have become synonymous with our brand, style and the growing need for 20th century items in 21st century pop culture. We will be welcoming creators, brands and professionals from other industries the opportunity to rent any of our timeless pieces for their set, studio or property. 

All in stock items including chairs, sofas, sideboards, lamps, and more will be available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

who is able to rent?

Although we would love to allow all of our pieces to be staged, photographed, filmed and enjoyed, due to the nature and rarity of many of our pieces, we will be offering rental opportunities to local professionals in the Greater Toronto Area, including, but not limited to:

- Established Creators (Photographers, Artists, Artisans, etc)

- Lifestyle Brands (Clothing, Product, etc)

- Photography / Filmography Studios

- TV, Film, Production, and Set Designers

- Architects, Interior Decorators, Designers

- Other Industry Professionals

get in touch 

Send us a message here.

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