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Kazuki Chair in Red Coral by Kazuhide Takahama for Simon Gavina


1969-1979 production.


Manufactured by Simon International for Gavina, Bologna, Italy, this great example of a Kazuki chair was origianlly designed as a dining chair and set by Japanese Designer Kazuhide Takahama. It's eye cathing glossy lacquered laminated wood surface and coral red color allows this piece to stand out as an early post modern piece.

Kazuhide Takahama was a Japanese designer born in Miyazaki, Japan. After graduating from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1953, Takahama designed the Japanese Pavilion for the Milan Triennale. There he met Dino Gavina, and over the next decade, Takahama designed several pieces for Gavina. Later, he also collaborated with B&B Italia, Simon and Knoll, just to name a few. His designs are clear in line and shape and have a high-quality design. With the functionalist approach to modernism, he designed with a Japanese sense of material and aesthetics conveniently combined with Western elements.

18" W  |  21 1/2" D  |  42 1/2" H  | 16" Seat Height