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Togo Sofa Set in Chocolate by Michel Ducaroy for AirBorne/Arconas (Ligne Roset)


1978 production.

Togo 5 Piece Sofa Set by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset, produced under licence by Airborne/Arconas for the Canadian market. This beautiful and amazing large set has a stamped production date of 1978 across all pieces. Original velvet/velour fabric in a deep brown/chocolate color is the absolute perfect combination for a moody, low sofa such as this in a contemporary space. The entire set can seat 6-8 persons comfortably, depending on arrangement, however is large enough to accomodate 10. 

The entire combination of pieces includes;
- 1 3-Seat Sofa
- 1 2-Seat Loveseat
- 1 1-Seat "Fireside" Lounge Chair
- 1 Corner
- 1 Ottoman

The conditon of the set is phenomenal overall, not even considering the age for the pieces. Every piece has been well documented, and taken care of in order to preserve this set. There are no tears, rips, imperfections, dried spots, areas of discoloration or missing fabric throughout. The foam is soft, supple and shows no signs of aging. The velvet/velour fabric is a deep brown, however does slightly change in sunlight to a more milk-chocolatey brown. The most similar fabric offering currently by Ligne Roset is "Harold 3"  in "Chocolat". Many more photos are available upon request.

As this is such a rare set to include in our catalogue, we do hope to keep the set together for the sale. We will however take messages and inquiries to individual pieces and smaller sets, while the listing is posted. Should there be enough interest to part out the set, we will reach out to contacts who have expressed interest.

Please inquire for Dimentions.